Putting my back into it — 9 Comments

  1. I think that if you pitched it all out the window, you would be out back picking it all up in the next two or three days, complaining about having to hook every thing up again.

    • Quite a lot of reading there!  I'll plough through it, but I generally find that a lot of rest generally helps.  Also an awareness of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  2. It seems to be an iron law – both in your home and on your computer – that whatever you wish to store always just exceeds the space available to store it. I have 4# 3-terabyte HDs in my computer, and I still have to cull/archive stuff at times.

    • Absolutely.  I have various disks scattered around the place including [as far as I remember] 2 x 2Terrabytes, 3 x 1 Terrabyte and a couple of 700 Gigabytes  This laptop has another Terrabyte and started complaining about lack of space.

      There again, the laptop is a triple-boot [Windows 8, Linux Mint and Ubuntu]  so I'm not really surprised.

  3. Don't know what to say about both your back and your computer problems except that I wholly empathize. Although my back is constantly having at me my computers, drives etc seem to be behaving themselves (knock on head wood). I figure it's probably because both the desktop tower and the Thinkpad T430 laptop are old. As soon as I get a new tower I'm sure the problems will crop up left and right. Rotten new technology being what it is.

    • I have toyed with the idea of a tower but have become a great fan of laptops.  I like the portability but they do have one drawback – it would be nice to be able to just plug in a replacement keyboard or monitor if either fails.  This keyboard is driving me mad at the moment with sticky keys!

      • FRUs (Field Replacement Units) always come in so handy. Unfortunately, laptops in general haven't that option. Thinkpads come the closest I think or at least the older ones do. I know removal and replacement of keyboards on my old R61s and the T430 is just a matter of ordering a new replacement keyboard and removing a few screws on the back. Pry the old one off, unplug it from the motherboard, and reverse the procedure for the new one–done.

        In the meantime stop spilling your swill on the keyboard.

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