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    • Thanks. She was supposed to go under the knife first thing this morning. Just dropped by for a mandatory visit just in time to see her whisked off to the theatre. Now I'm stuck drinking endless coffees while I wait for them to finish with her.

      Luckily they have decent wifi here

  1. Hard to know what to say to a (false – obviously isn't) grumpy old man, younger than me whom I only know because of the inter-web.

    But good fortune to both you and your poor wife. Tell her that there are a whole bunch of blog watchers who wish her well.

    And maybe your offspring, and theirs' will come and pester you.

  2. You know how I feel about you and yours already. So you also know that I'm keeping you both in my thoughts (even more than usual). Many hopes all goes well.

    PS: I know you miss her but I won't tell anybody.

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