Feeding the sponge — 6 Comments

  1. The carbon monoxide thing – for next time Tom visits … the carbon monoxide molecule is very similar in shape to the oxygen (2 atom) molecule.  Both bind to haemoglobin.  Oxygen binds just strongly enough to be carried to tissues in oxygen deficit where the oxygen unbinds and enters cells to work its oxidative magic.  Carbon monoxide binds very strongly to haemoglobin and just won’t let go.  When you’ve inhaled enough carbon monoxide, your haemoglobin is no longer available to do its transportation trick.  Goodnight.

  2. Carbon monoxide gives your cheeks a lovely cherry red colour, you start acting drunk and it’s goodnight Vienna.
    Carbon dioxide has little effect until the concentration gets above 8% or so, then the stonking headaches begin.  Current concentration is about 0.04%.

  3. That’s the kind of sponge I wouldn’t mind helping at all. The problem is that I’ve forgotten just about everything I’ve ever learned except the vaguest of details. Like 2+2 = 4. Except in politics. The it’s like 2+2 = around 4 or so–subject to change of course.

  4. This resonated. My 14 yr old grandson thinks I have all the answers and I can speak every language etc etc. One day I’ll tell him he reminds me so very very much of me at his age BUT not yet. I don’t want to p*ss him off and/or dare spoil the relationship. 

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