A bien tôt — 12 Comments

  1. Ok first off give the whiskey to K8. She’ll know what to do with it. Secondly go pick some of that little green plant you have growing out in the backyard and fill your pipe with it. Smoke it. Then you’ll be ready to tackle the job of cleaning out the room for Herself.

    • In fairness to K8, she’d just bung it back. She hasn’t touched a drop now in seventeen months and is rightly delighted with herself.

  2. Am I right in thinking that the Irish Health Service gives you two litres of whiskey, as well as a fancy bed? Maybe I created a link that wasn’t there?

  3. I’d be glad to lend a hand but I don’t swim so well these days. Also, I can’t understand all this talking among ourselves–over half of the group are speaking Gaelic which leaves us English speaking blokes stuck in a corner somewhere by ourselves.

    • I’m still working on the backlog before lacing into the new stuff. So far I have demolished a Black Bushmills and am close to finishing the Kilbeggan. I keep a well stocked cabinet!

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