Forty shades of green — 8 Comments

  1. “Do any of these people live in the real world?”
    Evidently not. Neither do any of our political class.

  2. Okay, third time’s a charm:

    “Do any of these people live in the real world?”

    Of course not. Just a bunch of bureaucrats that can’t see anything outside their own little political worlds and whatever bribes “reports” cross their palms desk. We have the same type of problem Vermont which is 90% rural and 10% city/suburbia, if that. And guess where where our center of  state government resides?

  3. What really pisses me off is that these gobshites get paid a handsome salary, large allowances and huge pensions for coming up with all this crap.

    A least I give out my crap for nothing…….

  4. Over on your Emerald Isle on that basis, there seems to be a 100% correlation between being a ‘member of parliament’ and being a ‘fucking idiot’ – what a coincidence, on the other side of the Irish Sea it’s exactly the same.   We have so much in common – maybe we should be united?

  5. Animal Farts come from many different animals.
    RuminantsThere are about 150 different domestic and wild ruminant species including cows, goats, deer, buffalo, bison, giraffe, moose and elk.
    To save the World, those people would kill all the Bambis.
    So, apparently, they want us to only eat horses, dogs, and hogs.

  6. You ain’t seen nothin yet. Our New Green Deal in America is so stupid, so crazy, that 50 years ago anyone with half the proposal would have been committed to one of our institutions for the mildly psychotic. (Except they shut them all down and let everyone out and they are now living in San Francisco creating enormous piles of public poop and drug needles.) The libs new plan would ban all air traffic here, require all structures to be rebuilt, no cars, high speed rail accross both oceans, free money to anyone not willing to work….it goes on. Count yourself lucky.

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