Giving out stink — 13 Comments

  1. The problem is that the sack is only half way empty so we have got to suffer the farts for quite a while yet

    Couldn’t you slip the dog food into your wife’s meals? Then she would only have herself to blame…

  2. Dear Grandad
    I was looking after a Gordon setter a few years back and was called upon to look after two vanilla Labradors nearby. The Gordon setter had a special diet, the Labs didn’t. Come supper time I fed all three on the Labs’ food.
    The meal had a profound effect on his digestion, which elicited strong comments from my sister who happened to be passing by. Changing diet can have interesting results, works for me too.
    A couple of solutions for your problem: give the rest of the bag to a friend and hope it doesn’t affect his dog(s) the same way; give it to someone you are not particularly fond of and hope it does.
    Hope this helps.

  3. You miss one important fact about dog farts, the worst ones are always silent. You may see a small twitch of the nose, as the perpetrator tests the quality of the output, but if you miss this tiny gesture, you get no warning of the incoming nostril attack. They always fart when relaxing too.
    Many years ago we had a small Jack Russell cross that clear a room quicker than someone running in and shouting “Allahu Akbar”! My young niece once lifted the dog into her lap and began petting it. The dog of course loved this and curled up to enjoy the attention. 30 seconds later, the poor dog was launched into the air by a screaming child after one of those stealth attacks. I don’t think my niece has liked dogs ever since. It was funny though. 😉

  4. The SBD. Silent but Deadly. Always the worst.
    Purely personal, but yet another reason to not have a dog.

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