Bad manners — 25 Comments

  1. I usually find that my “scintillating response” seems to finish off the comment stream. Perhaps I should take a hint?

  2. No worries. I truly enjoy browsing to this site and occasionally leaving a comment. If my comment isn’t responded to them that’s Ok. Nothing to worry about. 

  3. What?  You spend all day wasting your efforts on washing, cooking, cleaning, looking after two animals, helping old ladies downstairs, moving tables around and cleaning the drains?  How can you possibly justify not answering replies to your blog? After all the time and energy people have put in.
    P.S. How’s the blue pipe?

    • You can add clearing 19 years worth of junk out of the back room to your list.

      Blue pipe is still out there, still going nowhere.

  4. No apology needed or expected. I’m a retired old codger too and have never been so busy doing basically, nothing much at all when one adds it all up, yet it seems to take all day to do it, or not do it, if you take my meaning. I’ve lurked on your blog for many a moon and may have commented under various names and non-existent email addresses, and shall keep reading it (and the comments) as long as you deign to share your thoughts and wit with your readers.

    • The only other name you have used is “Young Elderly Gentleman” according to my records.  So are you young or old?

      • Can’t one be both? By that I mean physically old but young in mind? FWIW, I shall be 69 this year. As your software has no doubt told you, I have a fixed IP (for technical reasons) so you will always locate me that way, regardless of what name I may comment under.

        • One can indeed be both or even multiple identities.  However the moderation works on a combination of email address and username so any variation of those two will bung you back into moderation again.  Unfortunately IP addresses can only be used for blacklisting and not whitelisting. 

  5. Always lurking, sometimes commenting. Either way, what bliss? (?)
    Don’t know what that means exactly but it seemed appropriate…I think.

  6. The route to eternal blogging satisfaction is to take the view that, when a post gets lots of comments, that means you’ve stimulated a vibrant discussion on some topic of common interest.
    If, however, a post gets no comments, take that to mean that you have successfully encompassed absolutely all the relevant aspects of the subject within one succinct post and there is no more to add.
    Total joy.

    • Hah!  I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.  I’ll try and remember on my darker days.

  7. Ah, why can’t we all simply lurk and not be bothered by comments to our comments to your comments, I wonder?

      • No comment to that!
        But I do enjoy reading about Herself and her stair troubles, the animals and all.  I only comment (as another old codger, retired) if I think there’s a drip of wisdom (well, more of a moist patch actually) which I can add positively.

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