The Longest Journey — 8 Comments

  1. Perfectly horrible. I’m sorry you two (or three, counting daughter in) had to go through that!
    (Something’s up with the Reply function – while typing a new tab was opened without my say so! Just in case you’re wondering why only me has replied so far.)

    • All part of life’s rich tapestry.

      The Reply thing is strange.  It’s fine for me and I haven’t changed anything.  The Russians?  The EU?

      My replies [if any] seem to come late in the evening/night.  My theory is that it’s all the insomniacs who have read everything in their quest for sleep, and hit this site as a last resort.

  2. “hit this site as a last resort.”
    Nope, I check every day to see what mayhem you have caused/experienced as soon as possible in the afternoon. It brightens my day.
    Sorry to read about the latest disaster, do hope her indoors is recovering quickly. Please give her my best wishes.

  3. Aw geez, well… our best to dear Celeste. <3 We have people here too who show up and do things like that if poor health necessitates it. We may not have the socialized medicine you enjoy, but there are programs.For example, we might be qualifying to have someone come in and clean once a week. Neither of us can really do it, my respiratory issues make it difficult and Dorian is definitely not able to work with cleansers and solvents and things like that. Do you think a French Maid’s outfit is too much to ask of a young lady coming over to clean for free? Aw, who am I kidding? It’ll probably be some older dude named Julio. In which case a French maid outfit would be quite entertaining.BTW, I’m an idiot.This is because since I picked up your blog again, I haven’t gotten mailed a single answer to any comments I may have posted. At first, I was thinking, “Man, what a standoffish oaf that Grandad is, answering everyone but me, why am I getting ignored here?”Then I noticed that I’ve been using the wrong email address all along. What I’ve been filling in (and it auto-fills now, so I’ll have to get that off my auto-form) is an address I created a few years ago and then deleted the whole Google account for some reason I don’t recollect.So you’ll probably have to re-approve my comments since it will think someone new is commenting, but starting with this comment I’ll be using the active email address. So perhaps I’ll start actually getting your witty replies, or finding out for real that I get ignored.I’m about to post this. If it’s held for moderation, then I’ve never used this email addy with you. If it posts, it means I have and got approved sometime back, so using the dead one all this time was REALLY idiotic.
    Here goes…

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