Contortions in the kitchen — 10 Comments

  1. How did you know that kitchen plumbing is one of my favorite subjects to read about online in the mornings before going to work? You’re a genius at blogging.

    • It was just a wild guess.  I thought to myself ‘now I wonder what DW would like to read about today’ …

  2. The first job is to clear out all the bottles and spray cans and all the other cleaning junk

    Yep, been there, done that (numerous times).  If you have decent mains water pressure you could try aiming a garden hose nozzle (set to a cone spray) down the plug hole. It might clear enough crap out to save completely dismantling it. Obviously don’t wait until it’s completely blocked!

  3. You have reminded me that I really need to replace the fixture on our kitchen sink. The sink is an enamel covered, cast iron, double-basin affair built about 500 years ago (well maybe 70 or so) with a newer (20 years old at least) faucet assembly. There’s about 20 pipes underneath including an outdoor spigot affair that has absolutely no right being there. The drain pipes are PVC and about as well put together as an old Yugo.

    I think I’ll call a plumber.

  4. A long time ago I read a small book of household tips (nowadays they would be called “hacks”. Why a football tactic has replaced good old “tip” ….),by Willie Rushton (that’s how long ago it was). The book was aimed at lazy men.

    For keeping your sink drain clear he recommended pouring lots of boiling, or at least very hot water down the plughole.

    This melts all the fatty gunge that holds all the blockage together. 
    it then becomes the water/sewage engineer’s problem.

    • What about Caustic Soda, if you can buy it of course , I went  into the local plumbers merchants and could only buy it if I had a trade account,bevause there is a risk I might use it in an acid attack ffs. 

      • I’m nervous of that stuff.  A friend tried it some years ago and it all but melted his drains!

    • it then becomes the water/sewage engineer’s problem.”  It stays my problem – it drains into a soakpit.

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