Beware the syndemic — 13 Comments

  1. Yes, I saw that report (BBC News) too. I wondered what to think about it – but you have now clarified my thinking…thank you!

    • The damned thing is everywhere.  The meeja are all lapping it up.

      Basically if we don’t do as they say, we are all dead [meat].  Now where have I heard that before?

  2. I read that every bacon rasher consumed knocks 8 minutes off your life: having just turned 69, I was slightly concerned and did the maths.
    I died in 1743.

  3. I am still waiting for the Ice Age Catastrophe the ‘experts’ were forecasting back in the 70’s.
    i believe it was supposed to happen by the 90’s.
    Does the ‘syndemic’ have something to do with this ‘intersectionality’ the SJW’s rave about?

  4. There are about 21 trillion pounds of Earth for every pound of mankind.
    It is entirely possible that the Earth is not aware that we exist.

  5. The answer, of course, is cannibalism.   Rather than burying or cremating our dead, we should lightly grill them with a little horseradish sauce on the side.
    That avoids wasting a precious food-source, saves the greenhouse effect of growing animals, as well as the energy and pollution from our current crude methods of disposal.
    I look forward to the green religionists’ view of that proposal, the ArfchBish of Canterbury could get into quite a tangle with it.

    • Looking at some of the parasites in the Palace of Westminster (Abbott, Soames, etc.) they could provide several meals for an entire tower block.

      • Reminded me of a lady who had once ‘enjoyed congress’ with Nicholas Soames – she described the experience as “Like having a double-wardrobe fall onto you with the key sticking out”.   Graphic.

  6. I will be 83 in 2050, subject to avoiding the proverbial bus that might knock me down , I think I will have done very well by then , so I’m going to eat more sausages and more bacon just in case. I’ve got to die of something after all. 

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