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  1. So what about the email I sent you asking for help getting the gold doubloons out of Nigeria? Are you still interested? Because, you know, the widow died, and all of that.
    Oh sorry, I forgot to call you “Dear.”

    • Sorry!  All mails with the word Nigeria in them have been deleted, along with all those from that fucking woman who keeps developing cancer and who wants me to have millions.  Mind you, haven’t heard from her in a while.  Maybe she finally died?

  2. You have just reminded me that I really need to do the same thing but just have been too lazy to do it. Unfortunately, I have 5 Gmail accounts (yes, once upon a time I used them all, each for a specific purpose) plus two other email accounts associated with our web host. All these accounts are stuffed into Thunderbird and are badly in need of a good hoeing out. I’ve also meant to weed out my no-longer-relevant Firefox bookmarks as well but that would probably take me until next winter.

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