Profundity and other things — 9 Comments

    • Two second to write.  Ten minutes reading and re-reading because I know what you lot are like for smelling mistakes.

      • Yup, know just what you mean. We are a picky lot, especially about smelling mistakes. Must try harder, with more whiskey.

  1. And without that ten minutes of shite, all of us Grandad fans would be be constipated – so thank you for the relief and long may it continue

    • I am intrigued by your name.  Was it something your father said to the midwife during the process of birth?

  2. Since I’ve been down with not-so-good health over the last week I completely missed you not writing anything profound this day. I’ve missed other things as well but unlike your ramblings the other “missed” things really didn’t matter at all.

    • When the mail arrived notifying me of your comment, it was the first time that I noticed the title of the post – “Profundity an other things” – which ddn’t make much sense.  I suppose it may have made as much sense as the content so what the hell…….


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