Brits are stupid — 12 Comments

  1. We get the same crap in Scotland from the SNP and their deluded followers in the media, always  claiming to speak for ‘Scotland’.

  2. The EU provides tiny, usually irrelevant, states with an illusion of power – such trivia-states as Luxembourg, Malta and Belgium all get the same-size single seat on the Council of Ministers, exactly the same as Germany, France and Britain, and boy, does that make them feel big.
    This may explain why some in Ireland value the perception of power which they thus acquire.   It is not, of course, real power, as they would find out if they ever had the temerity to disagree with Germany – but they won’t ever do that, they enjoy the ego-stroking of that perception far too much.
    All that aside, Bobby McDonagh is just another EU-phile dickhead, sadly one of far too many who have been ‘bought’ by that corrupt club.

  3. Tribal token?!  I’d take offense to that sort of rhetoric!  Thanks for the info, Grandad.  It’s always worth looking up an author to see where their loyalties lie. 

    • I had more or less come to that conclusion myself.  The one way to overcome any sense of nationalism is to dilute the population with foreigners who have little or no attachment to their new home.  The mob is far easier to control if there are multiple splits.

  4. “Sycophantic cunt.” Don’t think much of him then eh?
    I understand it to be the case that if an EU pensioner utters a single word of criticism of any part of the EU and its actions, in any medium, the pension ends immediately. This once happened to a retired Italian chauffeur who got into worse trouble because he was forbidden to reveal the loss-of-pension rule.
    So not just the ex ambassadors and diplomats but even chauffeurs and probably cleaners and cooks as well. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud. And envious.

    • Now that you mention it, I think I heard that before somewhere.  A nice way of keeping them in line and to muzzle any whistle-blower?

      I suppose he is entitled to his opinion, but it doesn’t mean he has to nauseate me by publishing it.

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