New Year Happiness — 7 Comments

  1. No one has cursed me with a ‘Haaaappy NooOOoo Yaare’ (to which I usually reply ‘Happy easter’which tends to sort the locals from those with a sense of humour ) for the last 24 hours, the shops have returned to their normal opening hours and stock levels (ie never that which I want), and this Sunday the town’s Xmas lights come down. Tis looking mightily like we’ve survived another Xmas. Although I checked my bank account a minute ago…and somehow despite not celebrating Xmas it has cost me around £300….but what price seeing the happy smiles of the Grandchildren…as they realise that we haven’t just given them a measly Under-Ten-Quid toy each but have put actual real cash in with it.

    • Now that you mention it, I haven’t been graced so far this year,  Maybe everyone remembers the last time they pulled that one on me?  Or maybe they just can’t bring themselves to be dishonest as they all wish me a miserable one.

  2. Glad you found the cat…or maybe the cat found you? Who knows?

    Lighters: The broken ones are in your bureau, 2nd drawer down, tucked away behind your unused socks.

    Drains: Liquid Plumr drain cleaner (or equivalent) is your friend in this matter. Unless you feel the stuff would rot away your pipes as well?

    Library: If you can get at the sign, do so. Take it with you the next time you go and do something with it that won’t quite get you arrested and still allow you to keep your library card. If you can’t get at the sign then next time you go, complain loudly. It won’t do any good but it might make you feel a bit better.

    Milk: Really can’t help you there but you might want to check the go-by date. If it’s more than two weeks after that date you’re not drinking enough milk.

    Headache: Take two Excedrine (or generic equivalent) with one cup of coffee. Works a treat.

    Now, since this comment field actually has the text format buttons at the top of it, the comment it will probably lose all paragraphs upon submission and end up as one great big jumble of text that I’ll have to edit (I really don’t mind at all). If the comment field does not show the buttons on the top (happens most of the time), the comment will post just fine, paragraphs and all. Odd that. I’ve meant to mention this but I keep forgetting.

    Hope the new year gets better for you.

  3. Drain: put some baking powder in, then a little vinegar and on top of that just enough boiling water so that everything gets down into the drain. Let sit for an hour (or over night). Doesn’t destroy the pipes and should work.

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