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  1. I have to abstain altogether these days lest my guts fall out my bottom (which makes an awful mess). However, once out of the zig-zag packaging we wait until the tree comes down and then loop each strand of lights very carefully and place each strand in it’s own bag. Thus, the great holiday tangle is avoided. This didn’t solve the old problem of “one light goes out the others stay lit they all go out” syndrome. So we ditched the old filament type mini-bulbs and changed over to the newfangled LED type mini-bulbs. Both problems solved, the lights look lovely, and no whiskey needed. I do miss my scotch though.

  2. I use empty Pringle tubes to wrap lights arround. Put little hole/slot in side at closed end, big enough to hold endmost light, coil wire and lights right strong tube and with a bit of luck the plug will fit into open end.
    I am sure that the containers of the better class of whisky/whiskey would serve as well, and revive happy memories.
    Happy Christmas aged one. And to her upstairs.

  3. I have a short length of plank [about a foot of old floorboard] with a screw in each corner.  I wind the lights onto that but somehow they managed to come off and get tangled.

    I blame the Grandkids.

    • Sounds like a “persuader”.
      Depending on whether screw points protrude enough.
      ” ‘onest Occifer, it’s for me Christmas lights. “

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