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  1. You’re dead right, that’s certainly the plan and it’s currently all going to plan.
    However, what the UK’s dumb negotiators (all closet Remainers, of course) conveniently forgot were details like 20% of all BMW’s car-sales are to the UK and because of that, they have efficient right-hand drive production lines enabling them to sell to similar countries worldwide (like yours) – without that bulk base, they will lose money big-time all around the world.  Similar applies to Mercedes, VW etc..   Did you know that 80% of Italian Prosecco sales are to the UK?   They can’t afford to compromise that market either.   Same is true all across Europe – the UK is not some tin-pot backwater like Luxembourg or Malta, it’s the 6th biggest economy on the planet and, in any proper negotiation, can name its price (if it wants to).
    Those facts should have been up-front and centre from Day 1, then the EU would have had to do all the grovelling.  Unfortunately, the UK’s Remainer dumbos volunteered to emulate the worms they are and crawled like desperate supplicants all the way to Brussels, like that have done every day for the last 45 years.  Hanging’s too good for them.

    • The point about car sales is an interesting one.  Presumably with a hard Brexit sales of right-hand drive cars would drop by up to 90% which means a massive increase in the price of cars here [being the only major market that drives on the proper side of the road].

      The UK may be the 6th biggest economy but that pales in comparison to the combined economies of the rest of the EU.  You can be sure that was thrown in May’s face.  They will use bully boy tactics at every turn [as we Irish can testify].

      • Dear Grandad
        And the EU pales in comparison with the economies of India and China, both of which have a growing middle class equal to the entire population of the EU, and have huge economic growth rates compared with the poxy 1.0% or thereabouts of the EU, between them propelling 2,200 million + people into major consumers, compared with the 450 million in the EU, mostly wealthy and who are approaching Peak Stuff, and can’t think what they want for Christmas (apart from baccy & booze, of course).
        I think Britain will have no problem selling to the world, save by the machinations of our corrupt and treasonous political class.

        • I think Britain will have no problem selling to the world,
          Sales to the Non EU World far outstrip sales to the EU already, tendency growing…so where’s the problem? And as various 3rd World Backwardstan countries have made clear , they will only consider FTA with FoM (however you want to phrase it). Given that the next leader of the Tories will be Javid, again I say BrexSShite=BritStan- you can thank those traitors, those BrexSShiteurs, in the ERG for that one. 

      • Sorry to deflate your perspective on the scale of the Irish market, but most of the old empire states, much of Asia (India, Pakistan, Japan etc), Africa and all of Australasia drives on the proper side of the road – and these are the future growth markets, unlike the EU which, as DP correctly observes, is close to ‘peak stuff’ already.
        Far better to look through the windscreen at the future, than just the rear-view mirror at the past.

    • To quote an ‘in’ of mine in the D-Car Mafia (and they are…except they make the Cosa nostra look like rank amateurs with better environmental care qualifications), the German car manufacturers are extremely relaxed about a Car Crash Brexsshite. Especially the hi-end ones. Increase the price of a new Bavarian Murder Weapon by 25% and it becomes even more desirable to a certain sort of Brit. “The New BMW comes with built in Right of Way, plebs” And more than that they KNOW that any yUK government is going to offer them massive ….’incentives’ of the sort that would have any real mafiosi blushing with embarrassment.   Where else is yon Essex Man with Money and taste, like, gonna shop? American? Indian? Japanese…I mean yer EVOs , Scoobys and ricers are alright for the kids but…for a serious motor you gotta go German h’int ya?  
      Jesscia adores her Range Rover when staying at GreenWelly Knowles , but such a Chelsea tractor is a teensy weensy bit difficult to park at Waitrose…but the new Mini …ok Ya! 

  2. You can check out any time you likeBut you can never leave!

    How funny you should quote that – only last night I dug out the Eagles “Hotel California” album (and several others) to check my efforts at rehabilitating my old turntable. It was a shock to hear how many scratches it’s acquired over the years!  Today it was the turn of the amplifier to get some targeted application of “Servisol” switch cleaning lubricant in the volume and balance potentiometers. Now I can wind the volume up to max (needed for the quieter passages on records), without all sorts of horrible noises. I must see if anyone makes a phono “booster”, as there is a marked discrepancy between the level of the standard phono inputs (tape, CD etc) , and that from the turntable. 

      • Thanks Kirk, but my old (1980’s vintage) amp already has a dedicated phono input and preamp inside. The problem is that it doesn’t provide sufficient gain to match the line level inputs. If I listen to a track on CD or tape I normally don’t need (or dare!) to turn the volume above 4 at most. But the exact same track on a record needs at least 6, and often nearly all the way up to get a comparable listening level. God forbid that I switch from record to CD and forget to turn the volume down!  All I want is a simple (one chip?) amplifier to go between the turntable and main amp input. Maybe I’ll investigate trying to make one…

        • Just out of curiosity, what make of amp is it? I only ask because I was once one of those so-called “golden eared audiophiles” of the late 70’s through the 80s and 90s. I started out with a classic Yamaha B2 amp with matching pre-amp. After, well, the cat took a piss in it, I moved on to a Denon POA 2200, again with it’s matching pre-amp. So, that’s why I’m curious on your make of amp.

    • I have an almost complete Sansui setup here – amp, speakers, turntable, cassette deck with a Sony tuner.  One of its only faults is a dickey volume control.  I must try some Servisol on it sometime.  There’s a lovely sound off it when it’s set up and working.  I even have my old collection of LPs!

      • Sansui – that’s a name I haven’t heard in while! My setup is a mix of various makes – the best that I could afford at the time, and some replacements over the years. A pair of Mordaunt – Short MS20 speakers, a Technics (National Panasonic) SU-V505 amp, which I chose because it has separate “listen” & “record” selectors – essential, as you will see, a Phillips N7150 reel to reel tape deck (which is getting decidedly cranky), a Technics RS-B965 cassette deck, which is a replacement for the original Aiwa, an Aiwa linear tracking turntable (a right pain to operate, but it is much smaller than conventional units), and lastly a Sony CD player, which is also a replacement, but I can’t remember what for. Oh, I forgot the Hitachi FT-5500 tuner – one of the few Japanese models which got favourable reviews from the UK critics, who normally spend their time playing with minimalistic units from small manufacturers, and sporting absurd price tags. You can imagine what happens if I accidentally leave the volume right up when switching from records back to CD – the amp pushes out 60Watts RMS, and my bedroom is only 6ftx8ft…

        I even have my old collection of LPs!

        I’ve even got some singles, although I had to chuck a few of them as they were simply too badly worn/scratched.

  3. It’s amazing that the “powers-that-be” can’t see this. As you wrote it that is. And good point from Mudplugger about the car sales. That’s one thing I wouldn’t have thought of.

  4. To all of these points, there is but one more thing to add, and that is news of the Euro.
    The Euro is the EU’s flagship project, and a better summing up of the whole corrupt edifice would be hard to find. The Euro is a one-size-fits-nobody solution which only really benefits Germany, the Euro being a weaker currency than their Mark would otherwise be. Apart from that, the Euro is generally stronger than what local currencies would normally be.
    The net result is local credit booms, and a general export malaise that envelopes all of the Eurozone save for Germany. Italy is currently suffering 40% youth unemployment, and most of the rest of the Club Med countries are in similar straits. France is ablaze, but this is mostly down to their leadership being plonkers. Greece is a basket case, but is still in the Eurozone, although goodness only knows why.
    Sooner or later the bad debts will cause a collapse which will kill many Eurozone banks and crash the Euro. Most of the current uproar about Britain is a desperate, last-ditch plea for the UK to carry on supporting the Euro project just a little longer, to keep the show on the go just five minutes more…

    • Sure wasn’t it the Euro that fucked up Ireland!  As a result we are still billions in debt which won’t be paid off for a couple of generations, if ever.  It was a massive price to pay for the convenience of not having different currencies.

      Incidentally you left out Ireland.  We have a huge problem with homelessness and also the health service.  Both are deteriorating while our housing market is on fire.  Prices are rising so fast no one can afford them [hence the homelessness].  I can see another property crash on the horizon……

  5. Sadly, I think you are right. Our PM  says Brexit but that translates into remain in Mayspeak.  They want to keep us and our money. Hence the ECJ just proved it was a political court allowing us to disavow article 50 as long as it was unconditional and unequivocal locking us in for ever if we did. Lots of traps in May’s withdrawal deal too.  The only way is to shoot our way out.

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