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  1. Grandad,“Get someone to shout “BOMB!!” And that, for some strange reason, reminded me of the Doggies Meeting from times long past – I’m sure you remember it – and could well relate to the sad goings-on of our supposed ’leaders’:


    The doggies held a meeting,
    They came from near and far,
    Some came by motor cycle,
    And some by motor car.

    Each doggie passed the doorway,
    Each doggie signed the book.
    Each unshipped his asshole
    And hung it on a hook.

    One dog was not invited
    It sorely raised his ire.
    He ran into the meeting hall
    And loudly shouted, ‘Fire!’

    It threw them in confusion
    And without a second look,
    Each grabbed another’s asshole
    From off another hook.

    And that’s the reason why sir,
    When walking down the street,
    And that’s the reason why sir,
    When doggies chance to meet,

    And that’s the reason why sir,
    On land, abroad or home,
    They’ll sniff each other’s asshole
    To see if it’s their own.

  2. Grandad,Okay, closed and re-opened and it’s almost as posted now. Just a couple of spots of wrong format; a couple of line spaces in verse one and one new line error middle of verse two. Still funny…

  3. We once had someone with an appropriate solution to our parliamentary problems – unfortunately, he got nabbed.
    RIP Guido Fawkes. The only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.

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