Headline of the year — 10 Comments

  1. One must assume from McMahon’s defence that it is considered quite normal to urinate on a Dublin bus – I’m old enough to remember ‘No Spitting’ signs on buses but never saw a ‘No Pissing’ sign, so it must be OK.

    • I did wonder about that.  I just assumed it was another of those innovations to tempt us back onto public transport.

  2. It isn’t clear, at least to a pedant like me, who the penis belongs to. Is it “woman with penis”? If not, it should have read “Man who touched woman with his penis”…

    • An amazingly garbled bit of language indeed. Unless of course, being in this modern age of gender fluidity, the woman did actually have a penis, who knows….

      • Or the man was holding another penis, real and attached to someone else, or perhaps a dildo.  But pissing on a bus, standing up, takes some bottle (& needs a bottle to avoid making a mess) – perhaps he was waving it out of the window?

  3. I didn’t realise shoulders were able to sense the difference in penis type skin and hand type skin even if the shoulder is uncovered. Seems also he was able to get his tadger onto her shoulder without her sensitive shoulder feeling it until the ‘bus jerked’. Impressive given his drug and drink addictions. Surely had the bus jerked she too would have gone forwards in her seat. Seems a rather ‘made up’ tale to me.

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