Legally blonde — 10 Comments

  1. I’d hate to have to think I got a job just because I’m female.

    I think it would be best if job applications would be without name, age and gender – so the company could decide on qualification only.

    One is allowed to dream of a better world, no?

    • I have heard that idea proposed and it’s a excellent idea.  There are small problems though such as how to contact the applicants without the use of a name?  It would be fun at the interview stage as well, seeing an applicant they had pictured as a young woman turns out to be an elderly man?

      • Well, the first part is easily solved, no? First person reading the application decides if application is interesting enough for the one who decides about applicants to see it. Decision making person only gets relevant information, name, address, gender, age will only be known to the first reader. If decision maker wants to meet applicant, he 7she / it says so, and the person who has the info contacts the applicant and invites him / her / it to job interview.
        But I guess it’s too complicated – apart from that, you can of course guesstimate age and gender of people from their CV …
        But I guess a company that would really be interested in qualification only, could follow such a kind of procedure.

        • There is another simple solution – the application form has Last Name and Initials only.  There is still the possibility of address bias but that can’t be helped.

    • Ask the employer what age group and gender they are looking for and then just head down to surgery if necessary.

  2. So much for the, “hire the most qualified person for the position” attitude. If these companies actually did this then age, gender, etc, and so-on, wouldn’t matter. I would bet that more women would be hired just by doing this. Unfortunately, there’s always the egotistical (dare I say “male”?) idiots that will habitually hire a man over a woman even though the woman is actually a bit more qualified for the position than the man.

  3. they are never in a rush for equality when it comes to people picking up the bins, laying bricks, or cleaning sewers.

    Maybe they should start there.

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