Foggy porridge — 23 Comments

    • I wouldn’t know.  I don’t usually have any to magnify, apart from a drop of the stiff joints and a tendency to be slightly more intolerant.

  1. Tickly cough, dehydrated a tad it sounds like to me. Certainly a glass of water drunk slowly seems to help that type of coughs in these parts.

  2. An excuse for a hot toddy or four. All quantities adjusted to taste. Cheap (cos it would be sacrilege to adulterate good stuff) whisky, or even whiskey, juice of one lemon, honey topped up with hot, not too hot, water. Repeat until all pain disappears. Get into bed before sleep incapacitates you. Prepare to perspire.

    • God no!  I have never ever taken to the hot whiskey lark.  It is an abomination and strikes a dagger through my soul.  I like mine neat without any adulteration whatsoever.  And don’t even dare mention cloves!

  3. I just hate those once in a decade tickly throat, cough-a-lot colds. There’s no fix for them and with me these days the damn things can last up to 2 weeks. Keeps my lady up as well which makes tings all that much more worse. How is she supposed to get up at 5:00 AM and build the fire in the wood stove if I keep her up all night not coughing and hacking?

    • Two weeks, huh?  Damn!  That means I have another week or more to run.  Don’t worry about your lady.  Just grab the quilt off her bed to add to your own [you need it on medical grounds].  The cold will get her up nice and early and will be a grand incentive to light that fire.

    • Inspiration isn’t the problem.  I can come up with a subject any time [as you may have noticed?].  It’s writing about it that’s the problem.

      • Many a decent title to a post I’ve come up with but couldn’t think of anything to write under the title. On the other hand, I’ve written up quite a few decent posts but never published due to the fact that I couldn’t conjure up a title. It’s was a vicious cycle indeed. And now I’ve got this strong desire to start writing again…I’m fighting it valiantly.

  4. My correspondent in Ireland informed me a couple of days ago that she was suffering from symptom similar to yours. She kept waking up every couple of hours with a tickly cough. Her doctor told her that she had probably had the infection for some time. He prescribed antibiotics.

    • My theory is that I caught it off Doc in the first place so I ain’t gonna ask him for help.  On second thoughts, does your correspondent live in Wicklow?  If so, don’t worry – I don’t kiss and tell.

      • I forget the nearest town. She lives on the coast in the extreme north west of the South, near the Northern Ireland border. Donegal golf club is not far away. Somewhat distant from you, but you know how disease can travel down telephone wires and through the internet these days.

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