This will take your breath away — 5 Comments

  1. Any organization with the word World in it is a scam, a deep hole for taxpayers cash.
    In 2013 the WHO had a budget of around $4,000 million no doubt 80% of that went on salaries.

    • That report coud have a twofold benefit.  You average Joe Soap will see it and decide that the WHO is insane and will ignore any future preachings from them, while those who follow the WHO like sheep will all just suffocate.  Win-win, as they say.

  2. Quite a few years ago, a family friend who worked for the Department of Health, mentioned a report on air quality in London, which is surrounded by 4 large airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted, all of which spew pollutants as they fly over burning aviation fuel, which adversely affects the quality of the air. A side report claimed that those people working air side at those airports suffered a much higher incidence of lung and chest complaints than those working landside. The report was apparently quietly shelved as it did not reach the conclusion, that air quality will only improve if air travel from those airports was reduced or halted, that was acceptable to the government. Of course, such a move would never take place, though if the findings were correct, the increase in air traffic is doing little to improve matters. Meanwhile, let’s blame the motorists and thus obtain a shedload of cash from them in fines and taxes.

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