Not exactly plain packs — 9 Comments

    • Ironically, they would have been forced down the Tobacco Control route too.  That would have been fun to watch?

    • My deepest sympathies.  Have you tried locking them in a soundproof attic?  It works very well.

  1. Hmm…the condor is still on packs in the UK. Perhaps you should slip over to Norn Iron for your baccy. Mabe cheaper, but dunno about that. £7.20/30 grammes here…about 8 Euros?

    • Fuck me!!  €8 for 30 gms?  Wow!  Here it’s now €12.90 for 25 gms.  About €3 in the difference?  That would indeed make a trip worthwhile.  Now if only I can find someone to take orders from look after Herself for a day…..

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