Whipping up a storm — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds like your news people and meteorological folks ought to be required to be in Florida and/or the southeast coast of the US when a cat 4 or 5 (heavens forbid a cat 5) comes ashore. Hell, even a cat 3. Then they can talk about what a real heller of a storm is (like the one that just hit Florida…again).

    Of course I know you folks over on your side of the pond can get some real hellish storms now and again, one of which I experienced up close and personal.

    I happened to be riding around on the North Sea during one of your category 4 equivalents. Three days of fun and thrills transiting the North Sea from north to south in a bottom heavy boat with a round hull and no keel with waves so big you never knew which way the boat would go next.  Zero feet to one hundred and fifty all within a few seconds with over 45 degree rolls…

    …good thing it was a submarine.

    • People pay a fortune for that on a roller-coaster, and you got it for nothing?!

      What annoys me is the hype over storms here.  They treat storms as impending doom, urging us to stay indoors, closing schools and cancelling public transport.  Storm surges are a different matter and I feel sorry for those on low lying ground, but all these crisis committees and disaster planning are a bit much. 

  2. In our more affluent times the sky is full of trampolines during a decent storm. Complete with the safety enclosure net.

  3. The people who used to go into the church because they like controlling other people are now to be found in the public services. Holy Days of Obligation, when they were in charge, have been replaced by storm days when they are in charge!

    • I suspect there is more than a grain of truth in that.  Or rather they realised that people could be bossed around, and seeing as religion wasn’t doing the job too well any more they decided they could try.

      Incidentally, the storm passed and was basically just a damp squib.  We were then supposed to have heavy rain and flooding in the east all afternoon, but it was dry as a bone, with all the rain falling in Wales. 

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