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  1. I think Claire should hold that poll again, and see if she gets a different answer… ;D

    More seriously, I can’t find any details on the poll – Amárach haven’t got anything on their website, and their Twatter feed (beyond a 2hr old post about mental health and the recession) haven’t posted anything since the 27th Sep.

    • They will doubtless have slightly more detail on her programme tonight.  Not that it means anything.  She might as well hold a vote on whether the sky should be green or not.

      • Slightly, indeed.
        My guess is they’ll harp on about how 75% of people voted ‘yes’ to a question that alluded to whether another referendum should be held without actually showing the exact wording of the question (“Ireland will* go to hell in a handbasket when the UK leaves the EU. Should the UK repeat the referendum?“), or any leading questions that were asked before it (a-la Sir Humphrey.)
        * Suggestions in this question may/will differ from reality.

        • I would imagine it was a straightforward “should the UK vote again on Brexit?”  The mainstream meeja here have been pumping out endless examples of how the skies are going to fall in on us, with threats of all out war in the north if customs posts reappear and how all our food is going to triple in price.

    • How I would just love that to happen.  Apart from breaking the shackles with Brussels, it would solve all the problems with the border, and seeing as the majority of our trade is with the UK.

      There is an Irexit party but either they are very quiet or they are being shunned by the mainstream lot.  The Irish as a whole have been brainwashed into thinking the EU is the best thing since sliced bread.  

    • I remember that, though I didn’t watch the actual debate.  Normally she is pretty good at controlling the situation and isn’t afraid of politicians and will happily cut across them if they are blustering.  It didn’t seem to have any effect on the outcome though.

      And she is very easy on the eye?

  2. Our states always considered themselves part of the United States thus we formed a federal government. It appears to me that the EU is a federal government forcing itself on sovreign countries. It doesn’t seem right to me.

    • Spot on – the USA was formed quite logically to conduct selected federal-level activities on behalf of the individual states, all of whom would (and do) still retain considerable independence at state-level.
      The EU is a profoundly undemocratic entity, designed to impose culture-changing regulation on individual member-states, where the origin of that regulation is a cabal of appointed, not elected, commissioners.    In the USA, you have the regular abilty to unseat any congressman, senator, governor or president with whom you are dissatisfied – in the EU, the electorate has no power whatsoever to unseat those omnipotent commisioners: the window-dressing ‘EU Parliament’ is nothing but a rubber-stamping body for the commissioners, a meaningless figment of faux-democracy.
      Some EU member-states, generally the poorer ones, have been ‘bribed’ with generous EU grants to accept that unpalatable situation – if more than half are suitably ‘bribed’, then any show of hands in their gatherings will support continuity.  The people of more mature countries, like the UK, have finally woken up to the issue and Brexit represents the first stage of that revolt.   If only our friends in Ireland could see beyond the bribes and join us – otherwise they’ll all have to learn French, as that will now become the official language of the retrograde EU.  Bon chance, nos amis.

  3. Apparently cigarette packs in May’s post-Brexit Paradise, in the event of a No Deal, will feature new pathologist porn pics courtesy of the Australian government…an arrangement has been made as the current images are the property of the EU.

    Sooo what that means is that the yUK is incapable of even photoshopping up a few photos ?

    • How very odd. You’d think that with both the EU and the UK sharing the same smokerphobic views then that’d be at least one thing they could agree on – to share a few anti-smoking photos – even if they can’t seem to agree on anything else! After all, these photos have been so wildly successful haven’t they? It’s not like anyone ignores them or anything, is it? Aussie ones might be interesting though – chain-smoking kangaroos or koala bears, perhaps?

      • It appears the desperate need to be able to bully control anyone else, about any aspect of their lives, seems to override any camaraderie there may be between groups due to their joint loathing of smokers.

  4. Your deputy PM was on the BBC here yesterday sounding off about how Ireland would reject any deal that put a time limit on continued membership of the Customs Union.

    My reply to that is simply “Fuck you, then!”

    It really in our best interests to go for No Deal and just watch the EU fold…

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