The Gates of Hell — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve lifted one too many heavy wooden gates in my lifetime and repaired at least half of those gates just by circumstance (mostly because I got tired of lifting the damn things). So, when it came to putting up a new fence with a gate on my own property I went with chain-link, metal posts and a professional installation (90 feet with 10 foot double wing gate/$1995.00). It’s not as pretty as a wooden fence and doesn’t keep people from peaking in but it’s solid, substantial, allows the propane truck in and out, and won’t rot in my lifetime that’s for sure.

    I’m now thinking of installing concertina wire on the top of it just for the look of the thing. Either that or just electrifying the top of it–just to zap the bugs of course.

    • Concertina wire and electrification pus searchlights and CCTV.  Watchtowers optional.  You can never be too careful?  Good fences do good neighbours make?

  2. I thought about building a gate at one time.
    That’s about as far as I got. You see the drinking of the beer and vodka was more important to me at that time.

    • Stout and whiskey are kind of important to me too, but our Penny is even more important.  I could leave the gate open [or permanently remove it] and I doubt Penny would travel very far, but I just can’t risk it.  Especially as some people seem to be hell bent on setting speed records down a few yards of potholed lane.

  3. Fit wheels.
    And place a big mirror where the loony drivers will see a similar driver heading straight for them.

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