A meeting with His Holiness — 7 Comments

  1. At some point, I would hope, His Holiness will do more than apologise for the behaviour of his clergy? Like slinging the miscreants out on their ear rather than playing shuffleboard with ’em.

    • His problem is that he can’t apologise.  He can openly admit that abuses took place but he cannot apologise for them.  An apology in law is an admission of guilt and it would open the door for countless cases demanding compensation.  The one thing he could [and definitely should] do is release all the documentation in the Vatican to the public.  At the very least, all the abusers and all those complicit in hiding the abuse should be brought to court but I imagine it is far more widespread than we currently know, so there would be uproar.  He is in a very tricky situation.  If he follows the teachings of Christ he’d probably damage the Church’s position beyond repair.  It would certainly cost them billions.

  2. “Like slinging the miscreants out on their ear rather than playing shuffleboard with ’em.”

    He can’t, not easily anyways. Although the adage ‘once a priest, always a priest’ isn’t strictly true (Our former clergyman Ian informs me) it is still a truism and I suspect the re-laityizing of a priest is a looong, archaic-as-only-the-RC-can-do and difficult process. I would be surprised if sexual misbehaviour *is* even a reason to defrock according to church law. Chances are that punishment is reserved for really serious offences like not having the correct amount of candles over the altar for Easter mass or supporting a different football team than his ‘oliness the Archbishop.

    Certainly most of the parish priests I’ve know were , as Germans say, “Not children of Sadness” (ie they enjoyed themselves).

  3. Bono is absolute proof that the flange on the end of his penis is there to stop his hand flying off.

    • Welcome oh friend of the Great Wigner!

      That’s another keyboard and screen plastered with a mouthful of tea…….

  4. Ah, Bono who tells people to give their money to the poor while keeping his own money safely stashed offshore.

  5. Did his Holiness tell Bono that it was all right for him to stand up in his infallible presence?
    And did his Bononess then state that, actually, he was. Just vertically challenged.

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