The gender debate gets serious — 13 Comments

  1. I would dearly love to hear a debate about Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men!

    Oldie, but goodie…

    Bill: Flob-a-lob-a-lob!
    Ben: If you loved me, you’d swallow that….

  2. I was always under the impression that Bill & Ben were in a threesome with Weed – and probably sampling a little ‘weed’ occasionally too. And as for Andy Pandy . . . .

    • I always thought Andy Pandy was a tad on the creepy side.  I wouldn’t worry about his sexual proclivities.  I would worry that he was a closet axe murderer.

  3. I remember back in 1997, Tinky Winky of the Tellytubbies was sacked for being “too camp!” How could anyone in a Tellytubby outfit not be camp?!

  4. “Seriously though … anyone who looks at a puppet and starts wondering about said puppet’s gender is in dangerous need of a visit to a nice cosy institution with nice soft walls and a personal assistant who wears a white coat.”

    Yea, I couldn’t have said it better

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