Voices from the valleys — 15 Comments

  1. First thought is to check the Fx of whatever medication you happen to be on or have come off very recently (I had something similar when I had the DTs).

    Then talk to a neurologist , I seem to recall reading it is not that uncommon and due to a slight short circuiting of memory…ie your brain is replaying all the Welsh TV you ever saw all in one go.

    It’s when the voices start talking to you ….

    • My medical Fx are well tried and tested – they turn my pee green and I’m immune to the affects of alcohol.

      The replaying of old memories is plausible, even though it’s around forty years since I watched HTV.  They say that about long term memory improving as you get older?

      They can talk to me, but they’d better speak up…….

  2. I seem to have that effect on people. You are not the first and neither will you be the last ….. 😉

  3. Somewhat O/T but I was reading in the Bogtrotter Gazette a minute ago (police searching for the remains of an informant shot during the War Of Independence) and came across the; “Gardaí are operating on foot of detailed information provided by a local person.” .’On foot of’?! Is that ‘normal’ Irish -*cough*- ‘english’ or just subeditor illiteracy ?

    PS the journalist titles himself in Gaelic as ‘Iriseoir Fise’ so maybe he mentally translated a gaelic saying?

    • On foot of your enquiry, I did some investigating.  “On foot of” is a normal expression meaning “as a result of”, though it is generally used in a formal environment such as a press heding or legal document.  Apparently it is an Irish expression which surpriss me.  Not that I ever thought about it much.

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