I stop watching for a minute — 7 Comments

  1. I am convinced that changes are made to demonstrate power – we are going to do this because we can do it.

    • The Gutenberg changes are probably a case of “just look what we can do” but the EU thing is more about control.  The powers that be hate the Interweb for the simpe reason that they can’t control it!

  2. Slitaz, palemoon and a blank scriberlus list but t’other is fully populated.

    And as if by magic its back. Bloody global warming climate change Brexit bollocks!

  3. “…All I do know is that anyone who hasn’t a clue how things work but still passes a law is going to make a hames of everything…”

    Then judging by the records of politicians of all parties (and all nations). they haven’t a clue about anything!

    • In fairness they are good at a couple of things, like getting elected with daft expensive promises, granting themselves pay rises and drawing down massive pensions?

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