No mention of the smokers? — 9 Comments

  1. I think it is a disgrace that no provision appears to be made for Extra-Terrestrials. Suppose we have an election, as we may do in Spring, and get a newish government. All sorts of people could be represented but not one TD nor Taoiseach appointee Senator to represent the constituency of Proxima Centauri, the Trappist system.

    Every piece of information I have been able to gather on Extra-Terrestrials says that they are likely to appear without warning, somewhere in a rural setting and could have some difficulty in communicating. What provision will we have made? None. This is inherently discriminatory in terms of alien outreach.

    • they are likely to appear without warning, somewhere in a rural setting and could have some difficulty in communicating”  Looks like they have anticipated the alien voter and put forward the Healy-Rae mob?

  2. It appears that they have already run a trial scheme with the designated minority being cretins/mental defectives. It seems to have been a tremendous success as those from this minority occupy the vast majority of gubmint/civil service positions. No, I’m not singling out Eire with this observation: the same holds true this side of the water in the UK. Come to think of it, I can’t offhand think of a country where this isn’t the case.

  3. If they ran to a gender percentage on their voting selection then the voting form would literally be bog roll in length. Bog roll electoral roll one immensley ueful for wiping shit off the other full of shit no amount of the former would wipe off.

  4. The state of California has already done this to an extent. They have made quotas mandatory for publicly owned corporations as well as state and local governments. This is all nuts! Let the best man stand for elections!!!

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