The cost of King Canute — 8 Comments

  1. Grandpa,I recently watched an interesting documentary on the natural history of Ireland and how certain plant and animal species came to be found on the beautiful island.  The scientists who were doing the studies noted that approximately 10,000 years ago a great warming occurred in the area in the space of a decade that melted the glaciers that went on to form the island.  This was a natural event and not due to man’s influence or carbon emissions. While I do agree that man has unduly defiled the environment and created many problems, I think that some governmental/political or whatever they want to call themselves, imposing taxes on the people for not reaching some arbitrary and unattainable goal is in the guise of the greater good whilst only lining their already deep pockets.    

    • We are an extremely messy species and I don’t think there’s an argument there.  But blaming us for climate change is like blaming a messy child for the roof caving in.

      This is a winning argument for them.  It’s akin to setting a minimum height for a grown man – anyone failing to reach seven feet tall will be taxed on the difference.

  2. Cut the EU a little slack – they’ve got to replace the UK revenue that they’ll lose after Brexit and, as that was a vast amount of money, they’re going to be claiming it back from all the remaining member-states by whatever creative stealth taxes they can.  Today they call it ‘carbon targets’, tomorrow something else, but you guys will continue obediently paying the Danegeld until more of you grow a pair and vote to get out too – if you still decide to stay in, then don’t whinge about it.

    • I think you know me better than that?  I have been anti-EU since the days they ceased to be the EEC.  If it were up to me Ireland would be out of it faster than a scalded cat.  It would solve the UK’s border problem too!

  3. A cows fart is a global warming problem and eating the cows which would stop it farting upsets the vegans/vegetarians who all seem to be man made global warming believers so what to do about cows is a real mind blocker for them.There are a lot of cows and a lot of vegans in Ireland. My money is on the farting cow coming out on top.
    As for farting, vegans fart more than any other variety of human eater so are they going off themselves to save the planet?
    Another mind blocker.

  4. The outfit behind this is Client Earth. In due course I will scrutinise them in greater detail, however those who think the decision by France and the UK to do away with vehicles that only burn fossil fuels need look no further than James Thornton, who appears to have access to very generous funding and uses the law to force governments to comply to treaties they’ve signed up to. 

    And no, he doesn’t give a flying fart about the cost to individuals, nor their governments.

  5. “they’ve got to replace the UK revenue that they’ll lose after Brexit” -Muddy

    Ahh that’ll be why the EU is sooo desperate to do a deal. All is now clear.

    • Try to keep up – the EU is now so worried about a ‘no-deal’ that it’s finally having to explain to all its remaining member states just how bad that would be for them all, getting them to do their individual maths to realise the damage that they will all incur.   That’s the necessary groundwork for either a ‘no-deal’ outcome or for the EU to have to compromise on its major demands without losing too much face.

      The fact that the UK Government has handled the Brexit process so ineptly does not change the basic maths – the EU needs the UK twice as much as the UK needs the EU – the EU understands that better than the UK’s closet-Remainer Government and is suitably rattled that it is now taking the economic risk of ‘no-deal’ seriously.

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