Smoking – On Ethics — 21 Comments

    • Considering it is researched by a non-smoker, it’s extremely well balanced.  It deserved its place on the Interwebs!

    • Indeed it should be publicised as much as possible [and thanks!]

      Good luck with the free pint.”  Ya can’t beat a good old touch of sarcasm!  😀

    • It is easy to read which is one of the reasons I wanted it “out there”.  It was a pleasure to work on [apart from the images and graphs!].

  1. Thanks for posting this.  It is important that the truth on the persecution of smokers gets out.  The tobacco control cult has spent decades suppressing dissent and hiding their fraud. 

    • The more information that’s out there, the better.  People are losing trust in the Mainstream blatherings and are turning more to the Net for their own research.

    • I have been trying my hardest to get my own entry but they stubbornly refuse.  Possibly it’s because they cannot find any links between myself and “Big Tobacco” [their favourite tactic]?  Or maybe they know I’m right?

      I see they found Dick Puddlecote’s real identity.  I loved their old entry along the lines “claims he’s a company director but we can find no record of a Dick Puddlecote in the Companies Register“.  That entry always gave me a laugh.

  2. Very interesting read.
    Next on the ban-it list? Nicotine “is also present in low quantities in tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, aubergines and green peppers.”

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