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  1. When she hits 50 that’ll really make you feel old.

    My grandson starts secondary school in September. Another 6 years, he’ll be driving – probably in my 23 year old Honda 😉

    • I will pass the message on.  I don’t think she reads this any more, along with the rest of the world……..

    • You mean the Antipodes?  It always baffles me how you people on the other side of the world don’t fall off.  You’re all upside down for God’s sake!

  2. best wishes k8.must say im 49 now and its annoying..last ten years just flew. 

  3. I still read here, just I was in Belgium yesterday and spaced on temazepam to survive the coach journey (you try 18 hours in a metal box with Norfolkers without drugs…). Belated Birthday Greetings to K8 of course.And the owner of another blog was saying only the other day that a large chunk of his site’s traffic comes from yours!

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