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  1. Hi GD,           You can blame the EU for the vast array of light bulbs (personally I blame them for everything as a matter of course)Went to my local B and Q recently , asked the assistant in the lighting department , presumably the person with all the product knowledge , for a 100w B.C.bulb. Bayonet cap as opposed to the E.S. American Edison screw ie. the only type used in the UK before the EU stuck their oar in.She’d never heard of it.Eventually found one for only about 700% more than they were before we had such a wonderful assortment of fittings.Such is progress ! 

    • The worst thing about that banning of incandescent bulbs was that they did it before there were decent alternatives.  Things have settled down a bit now with the newer LED ones [at ten times the price], but for it was a nightmare switching on a light and then waiting for the fucker to come to full power.  Some of them took an age.

      I’m just waiting for them to “standardise” power sockets.  Imagine the fun and games then!

  2. I have similar problems with big stores, but shopping online saves on shoe leather – just look it all up on the store website, place the order, then collect and pay at the main desk! Makes work for store workers AND prevents me spending twice as much on those invaluable ‘extras’,



    • Welcome Ian!  I do the vast majority of my shopping online as a) I hate shopping in general, b) I’m a full time carer so can’t be away from home for long and c) as you say – it’s generally cheaper.  However there are times when I actually want to see what I am buying [as distinct from a photograph].  A case in point were the bulbs I was replacing.  In fact there was quite a selection of bulbs which in a photograph would all look the same but were actually different sizes.  By bringing in a dud bulb I was able to get a perfect replacement.  There were actually a few more items I was looking for that I would never buy online such as plants for the garden, so the trip was worth it.

      • Hi GD,

        I’m worse than you when it comes to food shopping – I really get hands-on there (only with the produce).  As for the garden, I rely on wild flowers (not weeds) and seedlings – I’ve never got bought plants to grow!  But tools are my downfall, I was once told (by a man who should have known better) to buy the tools and learn how to do a job properly.  I now have a shed and garage full, but never get time to use them all…..



  3. You should try buying a pair of socks in Sainsbury’s! They have a clothes section, but keep the socks at the other end of the store opposite the breakfast cereal!

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