Ignoring Nanny — 5 Comments

  1. I knew a bloke in Northern Ireland who used to charge like that – a big fee for those who could pay and very little for those who couldn’t afford very much. It seemed a good deal for a job that was going to last forever – he was an undertaker!

    • A lot of [decent] people work in that fashion.

      Incidentally, I once needed a pit dug in the garden.  Had a brainwave and hired the local gravedigger.  He did a grand job.

  2. What does this water tank on your roof do exactly GD? Is it your hot water tank, or has it something to do with drinking water? The only time I’ve seen something similar was on a solar hot water system but there doesn’t seem to be any solar panels on your roof.

    • It’s a cold water tank.  Water from the mains feeds up to it [and also to the cold tap in the kitchen for drinking water].  The whole house – hot and cold – is then fed from the tank.  The idea is that if there is an interruption to supply then everything will work normally except the kitchen tap, at least until the roof tank is empty..

  3. I know a bloke like that. He is known as Scally. He isn’t one and is a bloody amazing builder and handy man.  Ex jail bird (in France!) but as honest as the day is long. Salt of the Earth and I’m not joking.

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