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  1. Does not Lilly The Limp not have some fine young strong strapping fella-me-lad who can clamber up to the loft and do it all for her dear Ol’ Dad while she hobbles around the kitchen making the requisite gallons of tea ? 

      • I don’t know which is the more worrying -the fact your baby girl associates with criminals …or the damning indictment of your  education system.

  2. Today was about 28 degrees, however the North Sea comes to our aid from tomorrow – thankfully.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look good for our farmers this year, not unless they stump up for some form of irrigation.

    And our forests are tinder dry, though they do smell gorgeous; pine resin is heady stuff.

    The bugs love it, as I can attest with the scooter and its windscreen covered in their carcasses.

  3. Returning to England after thirty odd years, I was surprised to discover the testing system here has not changed. Tests are performed by garages rather than government testing centres, they check what is wrong and fix it, then carry out the test

  4. I take it k8 is now operating on a working pair of pins again. Good!
    What about the trains n trams?
    Haven’t they had their speeds reduced in case the steel rails warp n twist?
    Over here they are going out gritting roads for fucks sake to ‘make them safer’ and the local water monopoly are issuing ‘usage advisories’ via the compliant media, silly buggers.
    As for the heat its welcome but nothing of any note. It was much warmer a few years back as had portable fans running for a few days to try and move the air about. Haven’t needed them this time. 

    In 1976 I was fifteen and can quite clearly recall that very warm summer. well the hot bits, and this summer is nowhere near in terms of temperature stickiness.

    • I take it k8 is now operating on a working pair of pins again”  Depends on how you define “working”.  She’s supposed to use crutches for another month or so, but she is the definition of stubbornness.  Won’t listen to anyone [least of all me] so she occasionally limps around, gasping and moaning and when I tell her she could be causing permanent damage she just laughs at me.  I give up.

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