National Carers Week — 6 Comments

    • Apparently it was in the small print of the marriage thing.  Always give a contract to a solicitor first!

  1. I vowed in ‘sickness h’an h’in ‘ealth’ and the government pay me to do so, a win-win for everyone cos the cost of residential care in a *cough* ‘Secure Unit’ would leave the London Ritz jealous.  Sometimes someone well intentioned mentions ‘respite’ (like your Carer’s week) to which I always reply ‘Nah, mustn’t grumble, she’s not a burden, she’s my wife’ but the truth is I can’t face the thought or the expense of trying to get bloodstains out of the carpets and off the walls because some ‘respite carer’ thought it would be nice to let Mrs Rochester try some Vegan-organic-salt-free ‘GUIDED’ therapeutic cookery to supplement her pig based Germanic diet . Word to the wise 1. never let a paranoid psychotic have sharp implements 2. Never never NEVER turn your back .

    • We had a visit from our local Social Welfare woman [who turned up two months late].  I told her precisely what was needed.  She listened, she ignored the lot and told us what we needed.  She buggered off.

      Two weeks later nothing had happened so I wrote to her with my shopping list [which wasn’t much, incidentally], and explained why her list was bugger all use to us.

      Three weeks later she phoned.  She had received my letter, had ignored all my requests and informed us that out of her list we were getting just one item.  She also said she was to send around the local nurse to help out a bit, as a matter of urgency.

      We’re still waiting.

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