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  1. I think “Hector” was a name from the UK Met Office, they and Met Eireann take it in turns with names. I can’t imagine anyone at Met Eireann coming up with Hector.

  2. The naming of storms seems to depend on which island they are estimated to hit first. My goji berry lost one of its water shoots, a beech bonsai left its shelf and plummeted fifteen inches onto the pot of iris and foxgloves underneath it courtesy of a bamboo sat next to it and it has to be said because some wanker (me) forgot to wire its pot down to the shelf and that was it.Yet the moronic met office ‘issued a warning’ claiming the winds would be a danger to life. Lying bastards. Okay the iris and foxgloves were a tad smashed but they are far from dead unlike the credibility of the twin mets.

  3. On the basis of Iona being the next storm, I think Hector must have been a Met Office choice

    • Such a palaver over naming a bit of wind!  “Names will be announced….”  I can’t wait!

    • What’s the betting that, in five alphabetic storms’ time, they’ll somehow overlook the name ‘Mohammed’?

      It’s now the most popular name for boys in the UK and, if you’re seeking a name to encapsulate the concept of arriving uninvited, wreaking havoc, death and destruction on the native people, wrecking the place and devaluing all that was good about it, is there a better name available?

  4. Why are they cutting power now?

    Could be for several reasons. Some possibilities:

    1) Your local network may have survived the storm passing, but further down the line (towards the main supply) something took a hit.

    2) The repair crews may need to isolate parts of the network to safely carry out repairs (particularly removing fallen trees on, or adjacent to, HV lines).

    3) They know of your reputation, and deliberately tried to piss you off…

    • I do get the impression that 3 has a ring of truth.  Why otherwise would they wait until I had just finished boiling up a saucepan of water over a stinking gas stove?

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