Nicotine patches are lethal — 7 Comments

  1. First of all, I have nothing against smoking. I smoked for over 45 years. I decided to try and quit when I started to have breathing problems from Asthma and COPD. In the past (before e-cigarettes), I tried unsuccessfully to quit using patches and gum. I know e-cigarettes don’t work for everybody, but four years ago I started using an e-cigarette in place of real fags. It wasn’t easy but I was able quit smoking. After three or four months I was then able to quit the e-cigarette as well. Again, I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but what bothers me is why the powers that be cannot back a product that helps some people quit. In the end, isn’t that what they proclaim to want? It’s not the journey that matters. It’s the destination that counts. And any help getting there would really be appreciated.

    • I am completely neutral when it comes to e-cigarettes of all varieties and flavours – it should be a free world and people should be free to make their own choices.  It’s their sheer brazenness in declaring “if it’s not good, it’s bad” that amuses me.

      Mind you, we’ve just had an abortion referendum here which legalises the procedure. To listen to the NO crowd you would swear that if it isn’t banned, it’s compulsory.  That’s a common trait in Ireland and we had it during the divorce referendum too.

  2. “Leastwise I would have expected a higher rate of success?  I would imagine that a bit more detail as to their methods would probably find some kind of bias.”
    No bias needed if you use cigalikes that are known to be not very effective. Easy to get the result you want then, no?”

    Using their own logic, …”
    What logic? (Except for “please keep smoking, we need the money” and “more research is needed” which is just another version of “we need money”?)

    • Heh!  Their logic is that if it isn’t positively beneficial it has to be banned.  What a miserable fucking world they occupy.

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