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  1. Excerpt from introduction to ‘Getting nowhere fast’ BBC Radio 4

    “I talk to myself much more these days I’ve found ,

    halfway up the stairs I stop and frown.

    What was I gonna get and did I get it yet ?

    And more to the point was I going up , or coming down ?”

    Commiserations from a fellow sufferer .

    PS. No need to worry until you find yourself standing in front of the toilet bowl and can’t remember what you came there for .

  2. You’ve been hacked by a Russian troll farm.

    Well they get the blame for everything these days.

  3. This well worth a copy ‘n paste. This chap has the perfect response to Hughs ‘war on sugar’.

    Well done WHSmith. Tell that snobby, upper class nanny statist fuckwit to go fuck himself. I’ll be buying for more chocolate from you. I am watching him pontificate like a freedom hating total twat.


  4. I know I am a mere stripling, compared to you, of 50 winters (mind you Winters in Norfuck count double!) but I have similar problems with memory. Especially things like ‘did I take my pills?’…and as the pills are important and I daren’t overdose on them you’d think i would remember them. I assume all my years of industrial grade weaponized alcohol abuse have taken their toll on the little grey cells. However recently I have taken up studying again and have gotten into the whole ‘memory thing’. Some tedx video informed me that my problem wasn’t so much with ‘memory’ but ‘recall’, so now when I take my tabs I do it CONSCIOUSLY…not ‘drive by’ between the fridge and the cooker. I stand there and say to myself ‘I am taking my drugs’ and actually LOOK at what I am doing (as many of my vast array of pills are the same shape and size and colour, actually LOOKING at what I am taking is quite useful anyways). Seems to work for me.

    The other ‘trick’ which seems to help with my memory in general is the ‘Pythagorean Method’ which is simply when you lay yourself down to sleep you try and recall your day as best you can-takes a bit of practice but using mealtimes as orientation  helps. Myself and many others have found it not only helps with the memory but aides restful sleep. Bit of a chore I know when all you want to do is fall asleep thinking about Teresa May in a dessous giving head to Arlene but….

    • It’s all very well telling me to do things consciously, but I will just forget and do it ‘drive by’ [as you so strangely put it].

      I nearly always remember to take my evening pills because if I don’t then the legs start into their marathon running and I won’t get to sleep.  Morning ones are different – I frequently forget them.  Strangely enough I rarely notice the difference until I find them when I open the box for the evening ones.

      As for running back through my days activities – either I’d rather forget or else I have forgotten.


  5. You’re not the only one. My personal explanation is ‘overcrowding’. Immediately after saying to yourself, “I must go upstairs and check X”, you start thinking about something else, which is why you get half way up and cannot remember what you were going for. Happens to me all the time. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. Being retired means that you have no ‘imperative’ to follow some procedure. You can do what you like when you like, which also includes doing nothing.

    Not a problem.

  6. I think that when we get to a certain age we have learned and experienced so much that our brains become full. We have no space left to register trivial details of whether we actually carried out whatever task we had just embarked on, or what that task might have been when we find ourselves half way across a room puzzling about ‘why  am I here?’

  7. Now here’s a solution. Buy one of the new express stairlifts. It will get you to the next floor before you forget why you were going there.

    So why did I scribble this?

    • “So why did I scribble this?”  I have no idea.  Who are you anyway?  Have you been here before?

  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff! I heard a doctor say that it is not uncommon for people to go upstairs to fetch their car keys and having arrived on the landing, they forget what they came up for. no problem says herself but if you find your car keys and forget what they are for ………… well that’s not the small stuff.

    • Arah Jayzus! Forgetting car keys [and where they are] is old hat.  I’ve been doing that for years.  Now forgetting where I last put my pipe – that’s serious shit.

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