How to sell your house — 10 Comments

  1. FUCK!!!  Damn!  It just shows the state of my memory.  I don’t remember that at all [at all].

    The names are changed but the scenario is the same.

  2. My first thought was that due to the galloping Reillyitis, Grandad had been hitting the poteen harder than usual.

  3. What would have been really weird, is if all the comments had been exactly the same too. Way to go GD, ya gotta keep up mate.


  4. Ah, I believe I commented on your first post about these folks that The Wife and I would be glad to buy it, etc and so-on. Unfortunately, it’s taken longer than I expected to get permission to leave the country (just a couple of tiny past situations that got the attention of certain authorities–no problem though. Just minor sh*t).

    Glad to see it’s still on the market.

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