Reilly does it again — 17 Comments

    • Hah!  No, I hadn’t seen that before.

      He lost his ministry under a cloud.  He lost his deputy leadership.  Then he lost his seat.  He got the consolation prize of a Seanad seat just to shut him up [an unelected position].

      Now he seems to be grasping at straws in the hopes of being re-elected again.  The man is a creep, a bully and is power mad so he can continue to torment tobacco users.

  1. I’m beginning to understand why Ireland has appointed a Minister of Loneliness or some such thing as you mentioned in a post some months back.  Perhaps they need to appoint a Minister of Common Sense; but maybe, like here in the good ole US of A, it ain’t so common!

    • Welcome Rhonda!  I would consider myself fairly typical of thousands of pensioners.  I happen to be married but many aren’t.  So where are we supposed to meet people and socialise?  The pub is long gone unless we fancy sitting outside in the Naughty Area and the same goes for any club or meeting place.  The local coffee shop is a favourite place during the daytime but Reilly wants to deny us that too.  And as most pubs turned to providing food when the smoking ban hit them drastically, even their Naughty Areas will be out of bounds as well.

  2. Here’s a tip for Dr Reilly; all human beings one day will die. You can eat only the most nutritious food, drink only water, run marathons every week and never smoke. You will still die. Bit of a boring life really. You can eat what you like, drink what you like, smoke what you like and be a couch potato. You will die. Probably younger than the bored guy. But much happier. Why do some people get their kicks by telling others, nay forcing others, to do things like this man Reilly? Power trip. UGH!

    • Do all the healthy things – live a miserable rest of your days drooling and dribbling in the corner of a nursing home and costing the state a fortune in care and pensions.

      Personally I have only one ambition for the future – to outlive Cunt Reilly and dance on his grave.

    • As my wise old father used to say, “If you don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t go with mucky women, you won’t live any longer, but it will just feel like it”.

      And as the hotel night-porter allegedly said when delivering yet another chilled bottle of vintage champagne to George Best’s room, finding him lounging in bed with a naked Miss World, the bed littered with £50 notes, “Where did it all go wrong, George?”.

  3. An Open Email To James Reilly

    Dear Dr. Reilly, Thank you for all your sterling work ensuring the success of our business model and for your unwavering assistance in expanding our customer base. Truly we could have no better friend in your parliament. Of course we too look forward to a time when those wishing to continue to feed their filthy addiction no longer have easy access to their drug of choice. Especially those addicts residing in rural communities who depend on supermarket deliveries  will then flock to our appointed agents. HOWEVER we feel we must make you aware that due to several bad harvests ,no doubt caused by global warming, we are AT PRESENT not easily able to service such an increase in demand. Also our accountants inform us that increasing regulation, world wide, is hampering our profits re-investment programmes. If you could please postpone the next phase of operations for a few years we would be eternally grateful. Yours Sincerely Dr. Eval Nick O’Teen. Chief Gasper & Lord High Hacker Of Her Majesty’s Worshipful Company Of Tobacco Blackmarketeers, Free traders, Counterfeiters and Smugglers.

    • PS.Grandad, i wrote that bit of non-grammatical nonsense before I had checked Simon’s site and seen your own letter.

  4. his father had a stroke and was left blind for the last 14 years of his life due to smoking.

    In that case smoking probably did him a favour, not having to see that cunt for the last few years of his life. Probably wished he’d gone deaf too.


    • My thoughts exactly.

      I notice this guy, as with our own Stephen Williams, seem to have a typical “survivor complex” and must, in private at least, wonder if they were indeed the reason why Daddy and Mummy didn’t do the right thing and quit.

      In both cases they didn’t and perhaps telegraphed that to their overbearing offspring.

      However I have to say that Reilly is a perfect reason why the Irish should legalise abortion on demand, at the slightest whim, no reason required. And in his case, make it retrospective. 

  5. He does not look the fittest of men does he ?

    Well overweight and with high blood pressure. Setting a fine example.

    • There’s a film in that.  It’s an interesting thought though.  Everyone [especially politicians and Jamie Oliver] would have to be extra nice to everyone just in case they get nominated?

  6. I would have thought that the big supermarkets are the most careful about selling to underage people. Of course this would be only the start, next it would be sugar drinks, then beer, until all they sold was stuff passed by vegans.

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