The greatest argument in favour of abortion — 7 Comments

  1. If those laws could be made retrospective, then  the Dáil Éireann, the Houses of Parliament, and most Town Halls in both our countries would be sparsely populated indeed.

  2. a ban on smoking in outdoor spaces where food is served.

    We’ve had that law in NSW since 2015. The net result in my area is we have two coffee shops less. One had been open since 2000 and was mostly an out door affair and was where smokers congregated, it closed within a year of the new law.  Those who didn’t want to smoke had three other shops inside the centre to choose from. There was no problem, the new law was just spite on the part of TC puritan control freak fanatics. Coffee for me now is something done at private homes, the coffee and machines bought from big supermarkets.

    • If they implemented that law here and the local coffee shop applied it [unlikely!] there is a very simple solution – I would place my coffee on a table beside the railings and stand outside smoking away merrily.  With a bit of luck the smoke would all drift over the railings to the Puritans inside.  There would be nothing in the law to say I can’t smoke outside, even if my coffee was inside?

  3. and the local coffee shop applied it [unlikely!]

    There are big incentives to apply the law. NSW Health inspectors can issue on the spot fines of $300 per offence for individuals and $5,500 per offence for the business. That’s per offence which means if there were four people at a table smoking that’s four offences. That means the business could be fined $22,000. Such huge fines means the owners become the enforcers, unpaid of course.

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