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  1. Excellent.

    The Irish public service relies upon attrition to grind people down. The Revenue Commissioners use “Für Elise” as their tune to discourage inquiries. Playing the offices at their own game seems a wonderful idea.

    • The one office I avoid like the plague is Revenue.  Fortunately all the little profits I have made from my game are tax free.

      Someone suggested I scan all my bank statements into images, reverse the images and then print ’em off and post them.  That is an ingenious idea and I may try that soon.  At the moment though, the pile of statements is just too big.

      • You don’t bank online? I thought statements-at-dawn per post were like those ‘cheque’ things we all used to have back before the 20th Century.

        • Of course I bank on-line. They don’t have bank branches out here in the wilds so visiting one is a right pain in the arse.  The problem is that banks have gone paperless but our various gubmint departments obviously haven’t.  They still use pigeons apparently.

  2. ”  their real numbers which are hidden behind “low call” numbers which cost me”

    That one pisses me off something rotten. Half an hour listening to Handels Water Torture then go through the rigmarole of the computer generated ‘security'(whose?) questions to talk to someone whose English is worse than mine and who was on the Tesco meat counter until last Thursday but who can’t actually help me. The best I can hope for is that a proper, actual, government employee will ring me back at their convenience.

    Mind you for a while, after BT introduced their ‘Choose to Refuse’ additional package , when some incognito civil servant rang one back, one had but to dial ***** after the call to hear the recorded message; “you were called today at such&such a clock by *insert REAL telephone number here*. ”  The number of times I caused the entire Department Of Stealth & Total Bloody Obscurity to go into meltdown because I woke some junior clerk by viciously ringing him back. “H-h-h-h-ow d-d-did you get this number?”


  3. You are truly an “allowances warrior”–if there is such a thing. if there is are when you certainly are one. I don’t suppose you’d give me hand when I apply for Social Security? On second thought never mind. It might damage your brain trying to learn our convoluted, ever-changing system here in the states.

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