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  1. Actually in several US states it has been established that you do not own the water on your property. You can be fined or even imprisoned for setting up a rain barrel to collect rain water or to “divert” water from a stream for any purpose. Many localities even in rural area also do not allow wells requiring that you connect to and of course pay for municipal water systems.

    • Ah!  “It has been established”  Not by the landowner I’ll bet.

      Anything that falls on my property, from a raindrop to a Russian satellite is my property so far as I am concerned.

  2. Being tighter than a virgin’s crotch, when i got seriously interested in girls I quickly discovered I resented the price of condoms and so attended the contraceptive clinics with my girl friend(s) and secured for free each time enough that I had packets upon packets over that could be sold onto Mates (did you see what I did there?).

    Ireland will undoubtedly find, as everywhere else, that the abortions rates rise with the number of free condoms given out.  One of those annoying paradoxes of Public Health. The rate of STI’s probably also rises. So not only will you, the taxpayer, end up paying for all those condoms, pills, abortions and such but also for anti-biotics to treat teenager knob rot etc.

    Welcome to the C21st Eire, -give, give , GIVE til it hurts (as the TV Evangelist would say)!

    “The air we breathe for one [or at least until they find a way to tax it, which they will].
    Congestion charge, anyone?

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