Starting badly — 5 Comments

  1. I know the feeling but as I have no cat to throw things at and no dog to kick, on those days I go find some BrexSShiteurs to make cry by reminding them exactly whose foot is in that kitten heeled jackboot trampling through the wheat fields of our remaining civil liberties. Puerile and mean of me I know but it releases tension wonderfully.

    The best bit of the grocery order is seeing just how ‘surreal’ the subs are and just how long a ladder I will need to mount up afterwards to email them.

    • You should have seen the wheat fields of Ireland after the EU/Troika jackboots trampled through them!

      The grocery order arrived and sadly there were no substitutions – they just omitted the fucking items altogether.

    • Good grief no!  Have you any idea what a mess it would make of my front garden?  I’d be picking bits of bone and flesh out of the hedges for weeks.

      • Yes, a chainsaw would make a frightful mess. Definitely to be avoided, that one. I may have said this before, but I’ve heard that a twelve bore shotgun with cartridges packed with rock salt is very effective. Extremely painful but rarely fatal. And will handily salt your frozen driveway at the same time. Win win, wouldn’t you say?

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