A Totalitarian Internet — 3 Comments

  1. What on earth is “social media”?  I hear a lot about it.  I’ve twitter and facebook’d for years.  Is it them?  Is it email?  The Guardian? Or commenting on a blog, like, er, gramp’s?

    I’m pretty sure that isms, like ologies, can and usually be defined to be whatever you want. As for “hatred”, I’m wondering if it’s different from blazing anger, shouting at the television, or feeling like you want to vomit and/or empty the nearest bottle of cheap anaesthesia.  If I yell in my head at the reptiles to f.o.a.d?  Could be incitement by thought-ray.  Any medics reading this?


  2. “The European Union is a money grabbing, power hungry dictatorship,” 

    Whereas the Irish and British governments are magic money trees spewing their generous bounty upon us all; who govern with the light ethereal touch of the fairy folk and who can’t wait to put down the burden of power and the crushing responsibility of office?

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