Strange lights in the sky — 12 Comments

    • That was my first [and only] thought.  I switched them on with new batteries on the day I put them up.  I forgot to switch them off that night so the next day when I discovered they were off, I searched for some photosensitive device.  There isn’t one.  I replaced the batteries on the assumption that the batteries were dud [only one night on a string of LEDs?] and forgot about them.  Since then they have religiously come on at dusk and switched off again late evening [near midnight], all automatically.

      • There is of course, I’m sure, an EU Directive that regulates- for the sake of carbon emissions, the dolphins and The Cheeldren, the exact length of time approved  Festive Holiday Lights are allowed to illuminate. Ahhh the glorious Freedom an IREXIT might bring – a true born Irishman shall be able to illuminate his property in garish colours all year round….makes one giddy to think about.

  1. They are switched so that they will be on for six hours, then off for 18 hours.

    Simple, really.


  2. Is the battery box translucent?  There might be a photosensitive device within it which detects when the room lights are turned off at bedtime.

  3. It’s magic….the same sort of thing that makes your car  run when any one who knows anything about cars will tell you that there is no way those thousands of moving parts …..

  4. I am very sad to say that I found the solution.  Indeed, Claudia was right and it does the 6/18 hour trick automatically.  I am gutted as I would have loved it to be ley lines or even the cat.

    Life can be so mundane at times.

  5. Yep, my first thought when I bought one of these “fairy light” thingies also was ley lines. Or indeed the fairies, sneaking in from the garden. But is electrick-trick not fair(l)y magical in its own right? Clap your hands if you believe in fairies … or electrick-trick. Clap, clap … 😉

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