Surviving Storm Grandad — 13 Comments

  1. I’m waiting for my own ‘storm’ to hit as I started a 6 month course of antibiotics the other day (it was that or have my balls surgically removed). Antibios screw me up so badly -anything from, quite literally, Suicidal Depression to C-Diff (yes, my gp thought it was) type shits. Fortunately this time I remembered to consult Dr.Legiron…who knows more about the human gut than any sane person or even author should. So I’m taking GOS (google cos it’s a loooong sciencey word) and hoping….

    ATM the moment i just feel like shit not like I need to shit.

    • Good grief!  You’re taking GOS?  I am really impressed.  Do you take it a byte at a time or just nibble it?

      • Shows how long I have been out of the linux game, I had never even heard of GOS and at one point my knowledge of the different distros was fairly encyclopaedic…as I used to ship them around the world to people still on dial-up. It got so bad that distrowatch was my homepage…can’t recall the last time I visited that site….

        • I hadn’t heard about it either until you ordered me to search for it!  I see Linux Mint is the number one distro on Distrowatch!  😀

  2. You have my sympathy. I was in hospital in February last year and caught the norovirus. That’s a nasty little bugger. I lost about 3 kg, down from 80 kg one day to 77 kg the next day and that was after they’d put me on a 1 litre drip to rehydrate me. Yet another effective way to lose weight. Not recommended, but effective.

    Get well soon.

    • It’s okay.  I have been on the drip since.  Tea during the day and “cold tea” in the evenings.  Works wonders.

  3. Hello Grandad, Ive been taking cayenne pepper capsules for my guts and the results are spectacular for me, never take them on an empty stomach or you will instantly regret it, im a sceptic about most things but cayenne works for me

  4. I suppose i better explain, every morning in the toilet i deliver an offering of biblical proportions, instead of a flock of sparrows, cayenne has sorted my guts

    • Actually my lower plumbing system is in fairly good shape.  The above was just a temporary [thank God] aberration and is now but a distant memory.  That’s why I have to write about it, else I might forget the experience.

  5. My daughter is also slightly strange, she gave me the same book for Christmas! It is now waiting to help alleviate the next emergency in our household.

    Always eagerly wait for your postings, from your admirer (in a totally blokey sort of way) downunder.

    • Welcome Sgt!  I think the strangest [and best] present I heard of was a week or so ago on Twitter – A plastic bag with four AA batteries and a note saying “toy not included”.  Genius!

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