Setting the Gold Standard — 7 Comments

    • You should see the supermarkets here just before Christmas or the New Year.  Just imagine a bloke trying to push two large shopping trolleys at the same time – both stacked to the gills with crates of cheap lager.  Now imagine a car park full of said blokes……

  1. Surely they should ban children from supermarkets, just like they did from cars? Shopping would be a lot more pleasant without a multitude of unruly brats having tantrums in every isle

  2. I think they should be banned not only from supermarkets but also from the car parks of those supermarkets in order not to see the said blokes – they’ll all be alcoholics by next Christmas!

  3. Surely the CONCLUSION  should have been included in the BACKGROUND AND AIM to read:

    …This study aimed to objectively measure children’s everyday exposure to alcohol marketing within supermarkets and conclude that alcohol sales in supermarkets should be banned…

    It would have been more honest.

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